Preventive and Corrective Maintenance of Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Preventive area make preventive maintenance plans to avoid failures and major damage to air conditioning units this will be done every 6 months if the use is continuous, that is, every day

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How is preventive maintenance of air conditioning performed?
  • Check that there are no refrigerant gas leaks.

  • Check the condition of the supports.

  • Check and eliminate possible obstructions to the air passage.

  • Clean the dust from the grid, either with compressed air or with a brush.

What are the advantages of hiring a maintenance service?

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance consists of carrying out a series of activities such as cleaning, lubrication and painting to keep the air conditioning equipment in good condition.

Predictive Maintenance

As its name implies, any future failure is predicted by carrying out an exhaustive monitoring of all the air conditioning parameters, a set of periodic measurements of pressure, temperature, voltage, amperage, wind speed and others are carried out.

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Home Engine Air Conditioning System Installations

The air conditioning system supplies both air conditioning and heating, since it regulates the environmental conditions in the passenger compartment, controlling the quality, temperature and humidity of the air.

Corrective Maintenance Area

24 hour emergency service making major and minor repairs to restore air conditioning service

We take care of solving the faults that occur in the machine. There is an action protocol where repair times are indicated according to its complexity

Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning System Installations

supply and installation of compact and split air conditioning units, supply of all the materials necessary for mechanical installation and the supply of metal ducts and fiberglass as well as ceiling, wall, floor grilles for supply and return air

Electricity Installations for the Electrical Power of Air Conditioners

Air conditioners usually require an electrical installation that, due to the power needs they have, generally must consider sufficiently in advance (at the time of installation) the possibility of feeding equipment of these characteristics.